The King of Lost Things is added to the Alleyway Oracles Collaborative Deck

King of Lost Things Card

17 April 2023

Robyn Mallery

In 2021, the Alleyman's Tarot deck launched on kickstarter. Alleyman's Tarot was a 137 card deck, with pretty much each card created by a different artist in a different style. With a full background story and lore, this deck was pledged for on kickstarter by over 19,000 people who wanted their own copy of this one print only tarot deck, which amounted to over 1.4 million dollars pledged to this project making it the highest pledged tarot deck in kickstarter history. Later, a podcast was added to tell the story of the mysterious Alleyman (I'm super picky about podcasts, but this one is super worth it!).

Now, in 2023, there is a follow-up oracle deck planned for May... and my art was chosen to be a part of it!

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The project was fully funded in 1 hour and hit over $300,000 of support in just over 24 hours! The project will only be printed once, be sure to balc the project and claim a copy while you can.

Seven, the creator of the Alleyman and his lore, asked me what card I would want in the deck. I picked a few of my favorites, but this one stood out to them - and I'm glad it did. 

The King of Lost Things (TKOLT) is an important card. It tells the story of my trauma, one that I have struggled with my entire life. The child, not seeing the dangers around him, clutches to his childhood. He's searching for something, and someone will convince him he's searching for what they're giving. They will ultimately be wrong. 

The snakes loom just out of sight of the little one, who isn't quite peripherally aware just yet. He's curious, and looking around, and maybe doesn't even know yet that snakes are dangerous. I didn't yet know snakes were dangerous. 

The card's meaning and imagery are so personal to me and my story. I hope you check out the oracle I'm a part of, but also the podcast and the original deck that's truly a masterpiece of it's own.

My work is included in the Oracle of Secrets, which is dark and moody, shadowy and ephemeral, dealing with sharper and harder answers. It’s starting at 60 cards but can grow. It is said the Oracle of Play is like a fun answer machine, while the Oracle of Secrets is like a bag of razorblades with the answers written on their sides. It’s made for shadowwork, dealing with difficult topics, and seeking truth through trauma and pain.

The Oracle of Secrets finds those who suffer, whispering back that it hears you. It knows you. The cards may cut you, but they will help you understand why. Breathe deep, then draw.

Your Shadow work will thank you.

There are hard questions and hard answers ahead. But you are ready to walk into the dark, and the Oracle of Secrets will guide your way.

Thank you for reading!


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