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20 January 2023

Robyn Mallery




As a primarily collage and mixed media artist, I often use what many would consider trash in my works. I like to find ways to give leftovers and scraps a new life as I tell stories. Additionally, I use collage as a prime example that anyone can make amazing art, regardless of if you can paint or draw well. Influenced by Dada and Surrealism, I tend to lean into the absurd. I believe that if someone finds humor in a collage, they can also find meaning. 

Pick Up Yer Trash artwork. Collage of trash gathered on a beach, with a dump truck in the sand. A Koi fish is driving. Hands hover over the truck with bags of trash.

Pick Up Yer Trash

“Pick up yer trash!” Comes from a phrase a little boy shouted on the beaches of Puerto Rico. I was vacationing, but needed a break for a little bit to gather my thoughts and so I decided to take a walk alone. At some point I noticed there were interesting pieces of trash on the beach - sunglasses that were left behind and even a menu from one of the restaurants. Out of curiosity, I decided to grab a bag and pick as much up as I could. It was meditative and personal to me, and I was having fun digging little pieces out of the sand. One dad and his son kept watching me, confused and maybe even slightly amused that this random teenager was fascinated by the type of trash on the beach. After a few minutes, his kid walked up to me and asked what I was doing. I said that turtles don’t like plastic, and it can hurt their bellies. And that it was kind of fun to me. The kid ran back to his dad and I kept walking. On my way back, I saw the kid with a sand pail, running around telling everyone to “pick up yer trash!” He ran up to me with his pail and dumped what he had found in my trash bag. “For the turtles.”

Sun Gallery Interior

It is important, as we focus on the environment, to remember to speak about the why. Why do we do this? Why do we need to change? Why would you collage a Koi fish in a dump truck? Many of us have heard the answers to these questions so many times before that we don’t realize that others simply may not know. It might not be obvious to them. That little boy did not know, and now I like to think he’s still doing his part picking up trash for the turtles. 

Thank you for reading!


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