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6 April 2023

Robyn Mallery

Please note that this exhibition includes references to domestic abuse, SELF-HARM AND suicide.

SCAR is the second exhibition in The House of Smalls Chipping Campden gallery and as before is showing in both the main space and the dollhouse.


~ A mark on the skin which is left after a wound has healed

~ A physical or emotional experience which has left a permanent effect on the mind 

The words and language used in profiles are as provided by the artists - it's important to me that work is portrayed as intended and that what artists want to say about themselves, their work and practice - however much or little and in whatever form - is said.

This work was originally created as a tarot card with the following divination guide: The child king had to grow up too soon, he became a leader at such a young age and therefore, his lost thing is his childhood. Now, years later, sometimes his imagination wanders and he is suddenly a child again, playing and laughing as a child should. He routinely visits this land in his mind to live out his childhood in the way he wished it had been. It's never too late to do things to heal other versions of a past self. Maybe all that's needed is a pillow fort and some very indulgent and unhealthy sweets...don't worry - the king won't tell.

Thank you for reading!


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