Mixed Media Tarot Promotional Graphic

6 May 2022

Robyn Mallery


Those who've been following along on social media and kickstarter know that the Mixed Media Tarot Deck has had its ups and downs. The printer, as amazing as they are in some aspects, is not super fast with getting things to progress. In their defense, it seems to be a family owned business and they said they had several deaths in the family + some technical difficulties that were simply bad timing. But I digress!

I was super happy with how the cards turned out. The first deck I got actually had duplicates of three cards, all related to a new beginning, a journey, etcetera, which was very fitting in regards to the next phase of my life. This was a great sign to me that I was on the right track.

You may be wondering, what could possibly be unique or new about ANOTHER tarot deck? So many indie decks have been published in the past, why do we need another? Truth be told, maybe we didn't need another deck. The world probably could have lived without mine - but can't a lot of art? If we didn't paint or draw because thousands and thousands of people before us had already done that, we would lose art altogether as a society. Additionally, I did create new elements with my deck that hadn't been done before.

To my knowledge, no one had ever done a Suit of Lost Things, a Suit of Lost Memories, or a Suit of Oracle Bones. When I made it, it was also the only mixed media / collage type deck I knew of. I have since found a few others that were published before mine, like Xactarot, which I got a copy of and HIGHLY recommend. Another difference that I haven't yet seen others do is probably my favorite part of the deck. Many guidebooks list deities that connect with the cards along with star signs and/or elements that it can relate to. I had never seen an inclusive guidebook, however, that included deities from all over the world - this was my mission.

Fronts of the Cards

Backs of the Cards

My guidebook includes three deities per card with a total of 59 separate practices and cultures represented.

On that note, there are also quite a few distinct nations in different groups of people. For this reason, you will see the name of the nations listed for Native American, Australian Aboriginal, and African nations. In creating the guidebook I wanted to make sure that as many cultures and their beliefs were represented as possible, and in the most respectful way possible. For those three groups, there were so many individual belief systems. I would rather not group these nations all into one, as they are all unique and individually significant, thus I chose to make sure each nation was individually named and represented next to the larger group.

This was done in the best way I could think of to make every culture seen and known, while also being reasonable with the guidebook length. I genuinely want this to lift the individuality of the cultures up and show that Roman and Celtic pantheons are not the only deities or spiritual figures out there to explore. From ancient times to present times, below is an alphabetized list of countries, civilizations, and nations referenced in this guidebook.

I did my absolute best to reach out to art communities and make sure to get deities and spiritual figures from as many groups as possible. I'm sure there are some out there that I missed, and there maybe one or two that is inaccurate, however I did do quite a bit of research for each card into what the deities/figures represented and if they would be a good fit for the card I put them on. Some of the more well known, like the Greek and Roman pantheons, will show up much more than other practices that have one to three figures, because there just weren't that many figures to choose from, but that is to be expected.

I genuinely hope that my cards resonate with others and that they are able to find unique stories and connections with the cards I have created.

If you're interested in purchasing the deck, you can check it out in my shop. If you'd like to learn a little more about the cards, get a peek at the faces, or read through the guidebook, you can do all of that here.

Thank you for reading!


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