NFT Collection, "LINES"

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25 July 2022

Robyn Mallery

Phrases like cross the line, line of sight, draw the line, waiting in line, and so many more are used daily. What is a line? Who determines it? Is it subjective? These are all rhetorical questions I aim to ask with this NFT series. I want the viewers to define a boundary.

I struggled with others pushing against my boundaries all my life. Coworkers, classmates, family, and friends have all stepped way out of line, so to speak. Most frequently I would directly state what I needed with no room for miscommunication, and it would be directly ignored with no thoughts as to how it would adversely affect me. Its damaging, and I think that if more people understood the concept of a boundary - as well as the many ways it can manifest - we would all be better off as a society.



The drawn elements in my artwork drip and droop along the canvas, noting that not all boundaries are firm, even if they are known. The art will hopefully make you question why certain lines were drawn, philosophically and visually.

This NFT collection is currently listed for sale, but the goal of the art is to make a statement, rather than make a dollar. I do have bills to pay, though, so if you're interested in purchasing, I'm not going to talk you out of it!

My Voice Profile displays all of my NFTs and new ones are added daily.

Caught In A Line

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