A placed order cannot be canceled once it goes through the system. If a cancelation is requested via email after an item has been made, money and time have already been invested. At this point, it’s unlikely that a cancelation is possible. If the product is already in transit, you will no longer be allowed to cancel your order. 


If a product arrived damaged or flawed due to post office error, we will happily offer a refund, store credit, or a replacement if possible. Make sure to reach out to merchant support within the week of the damaged product delivery. You will be asked to mail the product back - damaged or not - before a refund is dispersed. Depending on the item, what was damaged, etcetera, you may only be given the choice of store credit, or it may be split between a refund and store credit. This is at the sole discretion of the artist, but they will work with you to try to reach a reasonable agreement.


Customers are responsible for paying for the shipping for returns. If the item is being returned as a damaged item, upon arrival that shipping cost may or may not be returned to you as well at the sole discretion of the artist. Returned items must be approved by the shop owner. 


After an item is shipped, things have moved beyond our control. Shipping (particularly for international orders) is affected by many outside influences, especially COVID-19. If you’d like an update on your order, please check the shipping company's website with your tracking number or link.

Buyer's Remorse

If an order arrives with obvious errors, we’ll happily work with you to try to find a solution. However, if a customer simply changes their minds regarding a sale, it’s unlikely that a refund, exchange, or other special treatment will be offered. This is not a billion-dollar company, it is a team of one making art to sustain themself. Thank you for understanding.

Custom/Commission Orders

There will be no refunds given for custom orders. This is stated clearly on the custom's page and no exceptions will be allowed. If a custom order arrives damaged, reach out to see what we can do to rectify the problem.

If you place special images or text to be relayed in your custom order, it is up to you to check for quality of images and typos or misspellings in text. If there is a misspelling, we will assume there is a reason for this and will not edit it.

Privacy Policy

Any information collected at checkout or otherwise is kept confidential and will not be distributed except as necessary to fulfill your order (i.e., Tarot Decks are distributed through a print-on-demand company who will need certain information - like addresses - to process the order). If you would like your contact information removed from our records, email us at RobynMalleryArt@Gmail.com.

Delivery Times

COVID-19 and other world events can drastically alter delivery times. For items that have already been made, you can expect them to enter the mail within three business days. From there, it is in the Post Office's hands and we recommend keeping an eye on the tracking information. For custom orders/commissions and print-on-demand items (stickers, shirts, posters, etcetera) it will depend on the amount of time it takes to create your item. Paintings can take roughly two weeks, while mixed media works can be done in a few days, and large sculptures can take a month - or longer - to be made. Please be patient as everything is being done by hand. Most print-on-demand items arrive within 2 weeks.

Payment Options

Currently, we are processing through STRIPE. At no point will we have access to your full payment information - that is kept confidential by STRIPE. We hope to soon add Afterpay, Applepay, and a variety of other payment methods. Feel free to request a specific one be set up before you place your order. It is not guaranteed, but it is possible we will be able to quickly set it up so that you may use it to process your payment.

Customs and Import Taxes 

All customers are liable for any import or customs taxes at their end.

If you have any questions not covered in this policy list, please email the artist. You will receive a reply within 48 hours in most cases.